A Dog's Life

Walk a mile in their Paws

Be a canine Hero!

Enjoy a dog's adventure
with your family!

A Dogs's Life Game
A Dogs's Life Game - Feet
A Dogs's Life Game - Family

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About The Game

Based on a proven bestselling board game by legendary designer
Christophe Boelinger.

A German Shepherd, a Poodle, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Labrador,
and a Fox terrier take a break from their masters to have an adventure in the streets.
They need you, your family, and your friends to guide them on their exciting new life journey.

A Dogs's Life Game - Gameboard
Hand Painted
72 Action Cards
1 Rulebook
6 Dog Cards
Dog figures
  • Hand Painted
  • Dog figures
  • 6 Dog Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 72 Action Cards

How to play

Bring your family together, choose your favorite breed to play for and get out to the streets.
Be a dog!

A Dogs's Life Game - Plan a family evening

Plan a family evening

The game is designed for families
with children and dog lovers.
The family that plays together,
stays together.

A Dogs's Life Game - Have Fun

Have fun

Learn about dogs and giggle together
about their ‘dog’s life’.

A Dogs's Life Game - Done!

Yay! Done.

Do it right and your dog could be the first
to bury 3 bones in his den and win
A Dog’s Life.

The Benefits

People love A Dog's Life. Everyone enjoys things that doggies do.

3D Figures

All figures in the game are
made of high quality materials
and are carefully hand painted.

Family game

Cute tailor-made art gives the game
a unique feel and is loved
by both children and their parents.

Easy to play

Anyone can learn to play the game
in just a few minutes.
But it takes many fun-filled family evenings to master it!

Innovative design

Proven game concept in a brand
new design. The good parts
stay the same, the rest is better.

Teach your kids

Children will learn about real
dog’s lives from the rules and the
game itself.

Minimum text

The game itself uses just a few words
which makes it easily understandable
for children.

Specific strengths

Each dog has their own strengths
which help them on their adventure.
Use them to win the game!

Play smart to win

There are many different ways
to play and win the game.

Favorite dog breeds

The game features America’s favorite
dog breeds and even more are coming! Play for YOUR dog!

A Dogs's Life Game - Models

Dog Models

The 3D dog figures are sculpted in detail
and beautifully painted.

A Dogs's Life Game - Board

Game Board

Cute hand made graphics. The adorable city
of Dogville is the perfect playground
for your family and friends.

A Dogs's Life Game - Cards

6 Dog Cards

The characteristics of our dog heroes
match their respective breeds.


Don’t take our word for it. See what experts say about the game.
We have a lot of positive reviews.

I just like to rummage through
trashbins, fight other dogs and pee on
the street. That is, after all, a dog‘s life.

A Dog's Life Game - BoardGameGeek review

There are six gorgeous (prepainted)
plastic dog miniatures included in the
game — need I say more?

Christophe Boelinger

The game is very original and is fun
for both adults and children. This is one of
the best family games I’ve seen in a while.

A Dog's Life Game - The DICE Tower review

More reviews

A Dogs's Life Game - Dogs



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions,
feel free to send us an email at support@adogslifegame.com

When will I get my game?

You can be sure we will ship all the games in Q4 2019. You will be able to spend your holidays playing A Dog’s Life with your family and friends. Really… Every single day.

How old do my kids have to be to understand the game?

Even a child as young as 6 years old will be able to understand the game. He will also learn a lot about dogs, their behaviour and about the relationship between dogs and humans. A Dog’s Life is about spending time with your family, enjoying the beautiful images and dog figures and learning about your favorite pets. The more you play the more they will learn about the game strategy as well.

Will I be able to buy the game in my language as well?

Yes, apart from the english version we are also working on spanish, german, dutch, czech, slovak, french, chinese, hungarian, korean and japanese versions. More languages will come soon afterwards.

Meet the team

We are a small group of inventors and designers from different
parts of the world on a mission.

A Dog's Life Game - Frank Salat

Frank Salat


A Dog's Life Game - Robert Pik

Robert Pik


A Dog's Life Game - Camila Kaucka

Camila Kaucka

Lead Developer

A Dog's Life Game - Thomas Bodesinsky

Thomas Bodesinsky

2D Designer & Idea Maker


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We are BETON GAMES, a board game publisher and distributor. Our current publishing project is the renewed edition of the board game A Dog’s Life.

A Dog’s Life is an amazing game by the legendary designer Christophe Boelinger from France. His most famous bestsellers include Archipelago, Dungeon Twister, Draco Mundis. A Dog’s Life is unique both board-game-wise and dog-wise. There is no other board game on the market that lets the players become a dog. It was first published in 2001 by Jeux Descartes in English, German and French. It has completely sold out 3 times.

When published for the first time in 2001 by Jeux Descartes in English, German and French it became a hit! There is no doubt it was an unique opportunity for every dog lover to be in their pet’s shoes.

The game sold out very quickly after it was first published but sadly no one continued. We realized that many families would like to have their own game of A Dog’s Life, so we decided to step in! We’ve put together a great team with one mutual goal: to revive and redesign this famous board game and let all the dog lovers play again!

In 2014, 13 years later, we have discovered a way to make things happen. Eureka! We didn’t hesitate to buy a limited licence from Chris Boelinger and in 2015 we started working on publishing our completely redesigned edition of A Dog’s Life. The first thing we changed in the new version were the rules in order to increase the game-pace so that the game appeals not only to kids but even to experienced players. The beautiful design of the board game and the handpainted miniatures of America’s favourite dogs are also something we’re really proud of!

And our story is just beginning.

After a long period of development, we are happy to present the game to players, families, and dog lovers from around the world and to everyone who likes the game’s topic.

Be a part of A Dog’s Life. Now it’s you who can bring this project to life. We believe that you will enjoy the game as much as we do and have a great time playing.